Who Am I?

My name is Leigh Halliday! I'm currently based out of Toronto, Canada, where I live with my wonderful wife Marian Serna. I am a developer at FlipGive and at ABNORMAL studio.

About me

I've come up with a bulleted list which I hope will give some insight into who I am.

  • I have lived in 2 South American countries and speak Spanish fluently.
  • I’ve taught skateboarding and have trained Muay Thai.
  • I have sponsored a child in El Salvador for over 8 years.
  • I’m growing an avocado tree and an orange tree in my apartment.
  • Obtained a coffee growing certificate from the Colombian government, yet I prefer to drink Yerba Mate.
  • I have volunteered at orphanages in Romania... and I'd love to go back!
  • One day I want an authentic Italian pizza oven in my backyard.
  • Guacamole is absolutely delicious.

Past jobs

Technical experience

  • 6+ years Ruby on Rails
  • 3+ years with React
  • ~1 year Elixir & Phoenix
  • ~1 year Python
  • 10+ years PHP (CakePHP, Symfony, Wordpress)
  • Databases: Postgres, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB
  • Web Front-End: HTML, CSS (Sass), Javascript (ES6, React, jQuery)

Websites I've worked on

Code I've published

Open source commits

I've made some small contributions to large open source projects that I use.

Articles & interviews